Beer Therapy™ for Your Best Self

Supporting hair with beer ingredients

Rich in vitamins and nutrients. Beer ingredients have been used for self-care rituals in Eastern Europe and Asia for centuries. Suited for both morning and evening, beer ingredients will level up your hair care routine.


The perfect home accessories for your treasured space

Bring The Beer Spa™ home with a tasteful selection of home goods, including candles, drinkware and linens.

Drink Up, Skin

Shake up your skin care routine with nourishing beer ingredients

Rich in antioxidants. Purify and hydrate with our selection of beer-infused skin care products, including natural soaps, body lotions and body washes.


Beer is the Greatest Gift

Essential gifts for beer lovers

Offer a beer-infused spa day at home, with a cold pint in hand. Because nothing is better than beer and relaxation. You can thank us later.

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Visit The Beer Spa

Curious about The Beer Spa? Discover our flagship location in Denver, CO. Come relax differently with our beer-inspired spa packages while sipping on a locally sourced craft beverage. We are the only spa where you can experience Beer Therapy™.

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“I’ve never though that beer would do wonder to my hair and my skin. Their products are high quality comparable to the high end cosmetic brands but at a fraction of the price.”

Claire J